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Who are we?


Directors, artists, designers, cameramen, writers with specialized education and talent. We follow the latest developments in the field of camera equipment and video production and constantly developing new technology. Shooting video, the production videoinfographics, animation and motion design - we are interested in all styles and forms, from the "classic" Disney animation to modern "Hollywood" 3D. Often on the same project work people from all over Ukraine, if necessary, join us professionals from Europe and the United States.


We create something new and different, without departing from the principles of the laws of composition and drama. Vivid images and interesting story - our targets in the works. We believe that even the most dry and banal information can be represented in the form of an exciting story. But at the same time, the desire of the customer for us - the law.


We are constantly looking for and cultivate. Each new our work - better and more interesting as earlier.

With us any information takes on new meaning and appearance. Check it today!